Office highlights: Coffee

Here at Anchor we care a lot about the environment. We also care a lot about coffee. How fortunate it is, then, that we can combine the two. (Incidentally, if this sounds like you, did you know that we’re hiring at the moment?)

There’s over 30 Anchorites at HQ now, and like good geeks, most of us enjoy coffee. If you’ve skilled-up and taken levels in Barista, you can get your fix with the espresso machine in the office – fresh beans and milk are provided. If that’s not your thing, the nearby cafes are there to give you the buzz you’re after.

Seriously, walk out of the building and there’s no less than four coffee joints right across the street. Add another two if you don’t mind walking around the block. The papers cups tend to start accumulating on people’s desk pretty quickly though…

What’s that, Domo-kun? You’re saying I should click through to see what’s inside?

Yeah, reusable cups! Anchor’s got enough for everybody and they’re part of the standard workstation setup: PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse, notepad, pen, coffeecup. Over the course of a working year, a coffee-drinker with a one-or-two-per-day habit will go through about 360 cups – this is a pretty big saving.

It keeps the clutter off desks, too. They get washed every night, you just have to carry your cup from your desk to the kitchen sink. We reckon that’s a fair deal.

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