Supporting our local startup community at Fishburners

Anchor is pleased to announce our sponsorship of the local tech startup co-working space Fishburners.

As well as being a place where startups can get their business off the ground (think Officespace-as-a-Service), Fishburners is where companies can collaborate and share ideas in a fast paced and vibrant atmosphere full of like-minded entrepreneurs.

They’ve got two locations just outside the Sydney CBD, in Ultimo (right near our first datacentre) and Darlinghurst. Both are well away from the mad rush of the CBD while being well connected for public transport, so it’s no wonder that they’ve become the go-to venue for tech events and meetups.

Why Fishburners?

Sydney is buzzing as a hub for tech startups, being likened to our own version of Silicon Valley. There’s heaps of bright people with great ideas that are being turned into viable businesses. As an overgrown tech startup ourselves, we’re huge fans of seeing entrepreneurs start with nothing more than an idea and turn it into something.

Fishburners has over 100 resident startups, and pretty much all of them are web-oriented. Some of them are companies that Anchor has already worked with, like GradConnection and RecruitLoop. We know we’re in the right place.

What we’re doing

We’ve come on board as a Silver sponsor for Fishburners to give the small guys a leg up. We’re committing to supporting the local meetups, and part of the sponsorship will contribute to the operating costs of these events. These are a key part of getting the word out for new businesses and ensuring continued funding.

Anchor believes strongly in the value of small businesses in Australia. It’s good for the economy, keeps people employed, and we’ve got a strong history of innovation. That’s something worth supporting.

Anchor is also providing expertise – we’ve got a desk at Fishburners and are more than happy to give advice when it comes to hosting. We’ve got the experience to help you grow from a startup into a raging success, so come speak to us. 🙂