Office highlights: Ubiquitous Whiteboard Works

By September 21, 2012Company News, Technical

We’re kicking off a new series of posts this week about Anchor’s offices and what makes it an awesome place to work. We’re not Google or Valve, but we’d like to think we rank pretty highly as a place you want to come to work every day.

Anchor is an environment with minimal rules and restrictions, we just give you the best tools available to get the job done, however you see fit.

One of the tools we provide is whiteboards. Whiteboards are a fantastic way to visualise problems, take notes, collaborate with coworkers, manage workflows, make world-domination plans, etc.

A whiteboard in its adolescent phase, before being mounted to a wall

It’s fair to say that we love whiteboards at Anchor. We’re up to 14 whiteboards now, which is roughly one for every two staff members.

In addition to being excellent productivity-enhancing tools, whiteboards are ideal for blowing off steam and unwinding. Want to scribble something silly on an unused board? That’s cool. A quick survey of the office finds references to Clippy, turrets, the easter bunny, and XKCD.

Anchor’s Pro-tip: Only buy whiteboards with a magnetic surface – you’ll be kicking yourself later when you can’t stick the eraser and coloured marker-dots to the board.

Love whiteboards as much as we do? We’re hiring.