Meet Ms Organisation: Sophie Yang

Sophie Yang is our new office manager and she’s busy knocking us all into shape.

Sophie, you’ve only been here a couple of weeks – welcome to the team! What’s your role here at Anchor?

My role here is the Office Manager. It’s my job to ensure that everything in the office is running smoothly. That can mean making sure that the staff are happy, organising supplies, events, and generally keeping the office ship shape.

Do you have experience in this field, or are you just super-organised?

My previous job was as office manager in a real estate office where my role was similar to what I’m doing here at Anchor. But yes, I’d have to say I’m a pretty organised person.

What’s your impression of being part of the Anchor team?

There’s quite a big difference between working at Anchor and working in a real estate office! Here, they don’t generally wear suits, and it’s a much more flexible kind of workplace – and we’re on call 24 hours a day too.

What do you do when you’re not at Anchor?

At the moment, I’m on a gap year from UNSW where I’m studying Criminology. So I guess it’s a funny path I’m taking at the moment; from Criminology to real estate to IT.

Well, you only finished school a couple of years ago – you don’t have to determine your future just yet!

Yeah, I finished in 2010 and I’ve only actually lived in Australia for about 4 years or so. Before that I lived in New Zealand, so I’m still learning about Sydney and definitely still learning about myself.