Jess Field – Anchor’s Superstar Customer Services Manager

Jessica Field is clearly not the same as 99% of the staff at Anchor — she’s not a sysadmin, and she’s not even very geeky. One sure-fire way to get the rest of the team to laugh is to ask them “What’s World Of Warcraft?”. She still laughs about how long the answers went on for, and about all the little debates that sprung up between the WoW nerds in the office.

“To be honest,” she says, “my friends and family consider me a geek, but they have no idea. Still, I guess I’m the geekiest in my circle of friends”. Jess studied a Diploma in IT out of high school in the seaside town of Forster before applying for a technical support role at Anchor in Sydney.

“It was pretty daunting.” she says. “I had no friends in Sydney, and I was such a small town girl I’d never even been on a train before. But I was determined, and I sorted it out, staying with family in Western Sydney for a while until I could find a place closer to work (and closer to the beach!)”.

Anchor was a very different company then, with fewer than ten employees, and everyone at the company’s famous Friday team lunch could sit at the same table in a restaurant.

“I quickly grew attached to the Anchor culture,” she says. “In some ways, they’re very laid-back about things that actually don’t really matter, while having very high expectations about the things that do, such as quality of service, and your own willingness to learn and take on responsibility”.

“When I look at other hosting companies, I don’t see the same focus on quality as we have here. I think that makes a big difference for our team and for our customers”.

Since joining Anchor in 2006, Jess has moved up from the customer support front line to be Customer Service Manager in 2010 and also managing the sales team from 2012.

“I’ll finish my MBA in two years, and I’m keen to see how the future of Anchor includes new opportunities for me. I still haven’t done a lot of overseas travel, but I’m planning my first big holiday — eight weeks overseas — and it’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever done. Could Anchor use me in some of its international expansion in the future? Maybe…”

Outside of Anchor, Jess likes to plan her overseas holiday, and has a vast collection of shoes. If she were a shoe, Jess says she’d be a tall, brightly-coloured suede standard pump.

Let’s see the World Of Warcraft nerds figure out what that means…