Off to Online Retailer 2012

A heads up to those attending the Online Retailer Expo this week, Anchor will be in attendance for the following two days (Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th). We’re sending our sharpest minds along to answer your questions, so come on down to our booth for a chat if you’re in the area.

In addition, our very own Matt Palmer will be giving a talk entitled Who’s Minding the (Online) Store? If you’re starting out with your online e-commerce presence, this is a must-see for knowing what to expect as you grow and how to deal with the success. Matt is on-stage tomorrow at 1:15pm in the E-Commerce Technology Theatre, don’t miss out!

If you’re hankering to come along but haven’t made plans yet, it’s not too late, but you miss out on the pre-order discount.

We hope to see you at the Online Retailer Expo 2012!