The Internet Show in Melbourne – The importance of scalability in e-commerce

April 23, 2012 Company News, General

The Internet Show is upon us again, this time in bustling Melbourne, next Monday and Tuesday (April 30th – May 1st).

We’re busy gearing up for it and are pleased to announce that our CEO, Keiran Holloway, will be giving a presentation there: Red Hot Sale! The importance of scalability in e-commerce.

If you’re a fast-growing online business (or plan on being one), this is for you. Many web retailers discover they can’t keep up with the rush of a big promotion or publicity event, right at the worst possible moment, resulting in disappointment and lost sales opportunities. Proper planning and management is the key to succeeding here, which is what we’ll be addressing.

You should drop by the booth and say Hi if you get the chance, and you can meet some new members of the team. In addition, we’re running a prize draw to give away an AR Drone, a quadrotor helicopter that you can remote-control from a phone or tablet device. We have one at Anchor HQ and it’s fantastic (noisy) fun to play with.

We hope to see you there!