Chocks away for TestFlight!

We pushed the big red button for TestFlight last night, they’re now up and running on our shiny new infrastructure. If you’re a TestFlight user this is already paying dividends – Trystan, their head-technical-honcho reports “Our concurrent traffic significantly increased as a result of the migration”.

The taskforce we put together for this project has done a great job, and it really affirms TestFlight’s decision to come to Anchor.

We found Anchor by researching scalability and load balancer best practices. We have people all over the world, so we thought why not work with an epic team in Sydney who really know their stuff.

If you don’t know them, TestFlight helps iOS developers beta-test their applications. They make it easy to host and deploy the beta apps, find testers and manage feedback. Right now they support over 70,000 developers, testing 130,000 apps with more than 280,000 testers. If that weren’t enough, they’ve recently been acquired by Burstly and just launched TestFlight Live, a product to track mobile app usage.

At the start of the project we sat down with the TestFlight crew to plan everything and develop the new architecture. Working with Luke, Trystan and Jon was fantastic. They’re sharp guys, really technical, and know their app 100% inside-out – that’s a massive help when you’re about to rebuild everything.

Our boss, Keiran Holloway, said of the project:
We took our usual, rigorously structured approach to the problem. One of the unique challenges we faced with TestFlight was the need to scale up big. The number of devs and builds they host is constantly increasing, there’s additional load coming online from TestFlight Live, and the storage requirements have exploded – it’s a moving target even as we’re trying to plan for it.

Everything’s been running very smoothly so far, you couldn’t ask for a much better transition to a new system. Congratulations on your success so far, TestFlight!