Anchor’s US POP Goes Live

March 15, 2012 Company News, General

We are pleased to announce that Anchor has now completed the installation, configuration and extensive testing through a beta program of web server equipment in a facility managed by Equinix in Los Angeles.

We believe this to be a first of its kind for an Australian hosting company.

What makes this different to other offerings is that Anchor has a real presence on the ground in the US, we’re incorporated in the US, we have our own technical staff in the US, we have own our servers, we control the networks. Most importantly we’ve minimised the number of upstream suppliers so if somethings not working we can fix it.

One of the most exciting aspects of this project for us has been watching the systems developed and experienced gained over recent years coming together to make this possible. Whilst we’ve now engaged US based staff to provide support around the clock, we completed the initial build without leaving our desks in Australia.

As Australia’s online business market matures and increasingly services an international customer-base, more of our clients are asking us to help them deliver a high-quality experience for their US customer-base.

You can host your business in the cloud or with one of a number of US hosting providers accepting Australian customers, but what you don’t get is the same level of quality support you can count on from Anchor.

There’s no waiting when you call our 1300 number with a question or problem, and no talking to poorly-trained staff in other time zones, our customers — big or small — are directly connected to an expert sysadmin 24×7, with no waiting.

Now the same hands-on, high quality service and support applies to our hosting service in the US. If you’re an Australian online business or startup hoping to make it big in the world’s biggest online marketplace, you need to consider Anchor for your hosting needs.

Early indications are that this is a service in demand. Having only just launched the service we’ve not only broken even on our initial investment we’ve also sold out the capacity we’d planned to cover us for the next 12 months and are now looking to double our US footprint.

All of Anchor’s VPS, dedicated servers and management services are now available in the US. Pricing remains consistent with our Australian services with the bonus of more generous bandwidth allocations. Contact us for more details.