US POP: Bandwidth Vendor selection process complete

So on the back of our last blog post on this topic it is with some excitement to announce that we’ve signed up with a total of three network providers to provide our network connectivity in our US Point of Presence.

As mentioned in previous posts, there are essentially two networks that we will be provisioning.

1) Public network which is configured for high-availability and performance in mind. For this link we’ve provisioned two independent network suppliers:

– 100Mbps Fixed-cost link with Level 3
– 100Mbps Fixed-cost link with Hurricane Electric

Across our public network we will be doing all our own BGP routing using the Anchor AS18020 which allows us to completely control how our traffic is routed. Both of these connections are provided as a fibre hand-off which will give us the ability to rapidly increase this all the way up to 1Gbps on each link as necessary.

2) Out-of-band network which will be used for the remote management of the infrastructure

– 10Mbps fixed cost link with Internap.

This link should provide the reliability necessary for us to continue to comprehensively manage the network from the other side of the world.

conveniently, both of these connections have already been provisioned and deployed which means we’re already operating all our Beta clients on a redundant network with plenty of excess capacity.