US POP: Data Centre Facility Selection Process Complete

After our usual negotiation process, it is with great pleasure to announce the Anchor has decided to partner with Equinix for data centre services in North America.

With over 98 data centres world-wide, Equinix are probably one of the most mature data centre vendors on the planet.

Given the extra advantage of having a presence here in Sydney where they’ve recently opened up their new facility – SY3 it was an easy selection as it also gave us direct access to Australian sales saff, based on local time zones.

The specific facility which we will be operating out of is their LA3 facility which is based within 3 miles of LAX, which makes it very accessible in the event that we need to physically attend the site.

Initially we will be commencing with a single rack in the data centre and be fitting this out with our core infrastructure and a number of hosts which we will be able to offer our initial hosting services.

At this point in time it is expected that we will be able to commence our public beta services towards the end of November. For a limited time period, a small number of clients will be able to have services hosts in the US on Anchor managed infrastructure — in return, we ask that you use the bandwidth/hardware extensively and provide feedback on various aspects of the service.

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, please do not hesitate to email [email protected]