The Internet Show – Give Away Congratulations

By November 9, 2011Company News

As some of you may have noticed, either from our previous posts or attending the event, Anchor was at The Internet Show . While it wasn’t to the same scale as the expo prior to this, the enthusiasm and calibre of the attendees was fantastic.

While at The Internet Show Anchor presented a talk regarding ‘Why hosting management is important to your online business‘.

For illustrative purposes only, we were dressed better.

It was a fantastic opportunity, for US, to present the facts and benefits face to face with the next crop of online success stories. For everyone who made the effort to sit and watch (and ask questions especially!), thank you. Opportunities to interact with the public in such a candid and personal manner are few and far between. So if you were ever racked by indecision regarding attending a Anchor talk, we not only encourage you to attend, but ask some hard questions while you’re there.

Besides the talk, we unintentionally provided much amusement to attendees via these two trouble makers:

Floating fish that swim, who'd a thunk it?

It was however, with deep regret that Nemo, easily the favourite at the event, decided the ceiling was a far nicer location than the expo floor. At present we are unsure as to his fate, but we have his remote and his left fin to keep us company..

For those of you out there still confused about these things click here.

As a thank you for everyone who stopped by our booth, we also ran a prize draw. This time round, rather than an iPad2, we went for the latest craze. Not only did we update the prize option, we made it an option at the same time!

First prize: iPhone 4S


Second prize: A Harbour Cruise for two including dinner!

First place winner was Adam Stead from Reach Local! The timing was impeccable for Adam, as his trusty iPhone 3GS had been wounded in the course of duty (i.e. the screen was cracked).

The second place, Harbour Cruise, was won by Ben Davey from Mobile Nation! (We were assured that he isn’t prone to sea sickness).

A big thank you to everyone who stopped by and had a chat. We hope to see you all at the next ‘The Internet Show’ event.

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