Why you should use LVM: part 1319755409 in an infinite series

October 28, 2011 Technical, General

At anchor, we loves us some LVM. It makes managing storage a breeze.

Now, we’ve got one more reason to love it. Because now we have lvmsync.

Like most modern hosting companies, we run a lot of VPSes, and sometimes the chunk of storage they’re on isn’t where it needs to be, so we have to transfer it around. Ordinarily, this would involve a lengthy period of downtime while dd did it’s business and sent the whole LV across a network.

NOT ANY MORE! Now, with the magic of lvmsync we can transfer the bulk of the data while the VM is running, and then do a quick transfer of just the changes after we shut the VM down.

We think our customers will appreciate the reduction in downtime, and I know we’ll appreciate the wonders of LVM just that little bit more.