New dedicated server upgrade offering

October 10, 2009 Technical, General

This is, of course, a fantastic idea:

Anchor loves to stay abreast of the latest performance options. As such, we’re proud to announce a new range of upgrade options for our dedicated server customers that demand the absolute best in performance for their customers.

It makes sense, really. The best our current systems offer is puny DDR2 memory. Just think of what you could do with several gig of GDDR5. That’s right, FIVE! We’re now offering upgrade options with Geforce 320 and Geforce 340 cards. If you order one of our higher-specced (2RU) dedicated servers, you can have two of these puppies strapped together for insane amounts of swappiness.

Stay tuned for more news on how we’re rolling out ButterFS, phase-change cooling, overvolted Core2 Quad servers, and mass-scale SSD RAID-0 arrays for database optimisation.