PostgreSQL 8.4

August 18, 2009 Technical, General

Good news, everyone! PostgreSQL 8.4 is out, as of several weeks ago. Okay, this isn’t “new” news, but it’s not at all ungood, delay or otherwise. You can catch the feature list here, there’s some good stuff:

Of course the real trick is getting more of our customers to use the superior alternative, *le sigh*

As if you *needed* any further convincing to choose Postgres over Mysql, we’ve put together a little comparison for you that highlights some of the most obvious differences for you. 🙂

Oh yeah, using a Redhat OS? You’re short outta luck, you don’t get anything newer than 8.1.11 in the stock release – go use Debian, it’s better anyway. What are you missing out on? Plenty.