The Value of Commercial Marketing Spiels

Following on from our previous musings on commercial support, I thought it’d be worthwhile sharing a missive from our much-loved (*snicker*) OS vendor.

I’m thinking they could really stand to invest in a spell-checker, it’s not like there’s no free and open-source options. For your reading pleasure, the following is copy-pasta’d without correction…

Are you currently running a proprietary Java EE technology?

Take the JBoss 30 Day Challenge!

Now more than ever, wasting money on expensive, proprietaru application infrastructure is just not an option. Red hat can help to take the rish out of moving to JBoss, a lower cost, enterprise class, open
source solution for application development, deployment and management.

Through the 30 Day Challenge, Red HAt will assist your organisation in migrating one of your existing Java applications from an expensive, overly complex, proprietary application server to the JBoss Enterprise
Application platform. We will also prparte you to manage that application forward – all in just 30 Days!

To learn more, click here:

Just shy of 120 words and I count five errors, two of them in printing their own name. And that’s before you start considering the general quality of the writing…