Server naming schemes, part 5748

July 3, 2009 Technical, General

Unusual, odd and downright disturbing naming schemes for servers have been almost literally done to death already. We at Anchor use a nautical theme, which has proven plentiful and seemingly inexhaustible over the few hundred servers and VPSs that we have under our control. Every now and then though, you come across something altogether new and astounding.

Consider the documentation here which is linked to from this site.

If you read through the PDF you’ll find the gem ZEUSDOGGYDOG. We are clearly dealing with a genius who has combined two distinct themes – Greek mythology (specifically, gods) and modern-era rappers. The namespace is almost inexhaustible (especially considering the current state of popular music)!

I’ve come up with just a few examples:


I’m sure an automated generator based on wordlists would be trivial to implement, and supply you with a bounty of educational yet modern server names.