Adobe Reader 9 released, doomsayers now have bigger fish to fry than Large Hadron Collider

By April 1, 2009Technical

Adobe Reader 9 actually came out mid-last year, I don’t know how I missed it until now. Let’s just conveniently ignore that. If you’ve been living under a rock (or, like me, don’t give a damn) then it’ll be news to you that one of the great new features is the ability to embed flash video (flv/swf) in PDFs. Incidentally, you can also put PDFs in flash…


That’s right, the threat of these new features creating a singularity that could vacuum up the earth is so severe that the crackpots are ignoring the Large Hadron Collider for now (but really, anyone with even the most basic understanding of quantum mechanics would know that any such black holes produced would evaporate practically instantly. puh-leez).

This guy called Mark had some choice snarky words on the matter. Did you like the squeeze page we featured recently? Some other guy called Marc has one convincing you of the merits of jamming flash video into PDFs (not surprisingly, you can “monetise” it).

Hate using Adobe Reader like I do? I don’t blame you. Adobe may have added features from version to version, but I reckon over 99% of PDFs on the internet do just what Acrobat was originally made for: displaying documents. Form-filling was added in version 3, over twelve years ago! Noone even uses that, certainly noone’s ever offered me a downloadable form to fill in and email back.

Everything’s gone sharply downhill since about version 5 or 6. It takes longer and longer to load up, and offers no compelling features for most users. As for alternatives, Foxit Reader seems to be a popular choice. I like using Sumatra PDF viewer, it doesn’t suck. Sumatra doesn’t give you an in-browser plugin, but who cares?