Windows 2008 Hosting Now Available!

By February 3, 2009Company News

If you’re familiar with the hosting services provided here at Anchor you’re probably aware that we’re big fans of Linux and open source software in general.   That said, it may come as a bit of a shock for you to realise that we’ve actually been doing Windows hosting for quite a number of years now.

It all started with a couple of isolated dedicated servers running Windows back in 2004…Since then we’ve deployed a shared Windows hosting server which is now running hundreds of websites and taken on multi-server Windows hosting environments.

One thing that has been interesting to note whilst making this transition; sure a lot of us here would prefer to be working with Linux systems, but, at the end of the day, the principles behind running robust, reliability and scalable hosting remains quite identical. Whatever the platform.

To re-enforce our commitment to providing a high quality Windows hosting infrastructure we spent the latter part of 2008 hiring staff with a specific skill set surrounding this environment. In addition to this we’ve spent some time looking at the new version of Windows and have published an article in our wiki discussing Windows Server 2008 for Web Hosting

Windows 2008 hosting is now available across all our dedicated server range as well as on all our virtual private servers .