Can Web Hosting be “Australian Made”?

January 23, 2009 Company News, General

This morning as I made my way up the escalators from Wynard station in the city something caught my eye that had kind of been on my mind this last week. It was the very well recognised Australian Made logo, only it was tattooed on a young girls arm. As proud an Aussie as I am, and admittedly not the tattoo type of person, and as cool as it did look it was hard to avoid the cliched “she’ll regret that one day” thoughts.

Australian Made

Australian Made

The tattoo experience got me thinking though, can web hosting be Australian Made? and what is the real difference between Australian hosting and overseas hosting?

As an Australian based provider we obviously only use Australian labour, that’s a big part of what we do. Our offices are in Australia, and I think are owned by an Australian company. The power we use to run our services comes from Australia and I’m sure there are more than a few other local suppliers. But there are some big ones that aren’t so local.

The hardware we run our services on, 100% imported, the software that we rely on – well aside from the bits we wrote ourselves, you’d have to say it’s atleast 90% imported, our data centre – in Australia but owned by a British company. Our network connectivity – only partially Australian owned.

In fairness the rules associated with using the Australian Made logo only seem to require a significant percentage of the products to originate or be substantially modified in Australia. In truth there’s probably not that many things we do in this country these days that are Australian from start to finish. So I think it’s fair to say we’re Australian as we could be, but not entirely Australian Made.

What does this all mean in a hosting sense? Is there really a difference between a local hosting provider and an overseas one? What does an Australian hosting service have going for it? I’ve tried to deal with this in my article on Australian Made Web Hosting.