Silicon Beach Australia

By January 22, 2009Company News, Technical

As a hosting provider, we quite often seem to the be the starting place for many budding online entrepreneurs adventures. We’ve heard the story of the website that’s going to be getting a million hits in the first month so many times that we seem to have become completely immune to it. It just never seems to happen that way. Now days we automatically quite passively suggest that the client start off with something small and we’ll upgrade them when the time comes. Fortunately saving money is something that most entrepreneurs are more in tune with and most of the time we get to deploy an appropriate amount of hardware in the early days.

It’s not all false starts though, we’ve been lucky enough to work with many companies that have started their online ventures spending $30/month which have now grown well into the thousands of dollars.

With this spirit in mind I was quite impressed to come across the Silicon Beach Australia group this week. It’s both an online and realworld community (there are regular Friday night drinks events in Sydney) geared towards supporting tech start-ups. Now sure it’s not Silicon Valley but if this had been about years ago when we were getting Anchor off the ground it would have been huge asset.

If you’re interested, you might find this slideshow useful as it provides a bit more background information on the group.

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