New co-location suite in Global Switch

By January 20, 2009Company News, Technical

On the back of a very strong 2008 for Anchor and despite the doom and gloom that has been flooding the media we’ve taken the plunge and decided to double our rack capacity in Global Switch’s Sydney facility.

We’ve picked up capacity for about 29 standard (600mm wide) racks but have decided to do a fitout with the larger 750mm x 1070 mm APC server racks. The large racks should make server installation and cable management that bit easier, as well as helping with cooling. One of the nice fringe benefits of the APC racks is the oh so simple mounting of the managed power rails (which we use on all or co-location). Saves having to fiddle with custom mounting brackets.

We’re hoping this new space will see us through for some time although early indications seem to suggest that the space will sell fast!

We’re madly completing the fitout and expect to be live within about 2 weeks from now. Photos will be posted as work progresses.