Geek Fashion 2009

January 30, 2009 Technical, General

Following up on a historical article from many moons ago, it is high time we did a geek fashion review for the summer

season! 2009 is now over and provided many examples of the good, the bad and the very, very ugly.

I hereby present my theory on geek fashion. Three unbreakable tenets of clothing are held dear to the hearts of every geek: 1. Comfort, 2. Utility, 3. Economy. Every article of clothing must adhere to at least one of these rules, and the more the better.

On the left we have a clear example of all three tenets. That hawaiian-style shirt is loose, breezy and definitely comfort incarnate! The cargo pants flow elegantly over the legs and have many pockets for storage (the very element of utility), while the no-name brand running shoes are easy on the budget.

And the pony-tail? Well, that’s just for the ladies.

Meanwhile, on the right we see an example of the (in)famous 2007 bucket hat. One size fits none, this inelegant and ill-fitting accessory mocks the very head on top of which it sits. Many die-hard Linux afficionados still persevere with it in the vain attempt to shield their pasty complexion from the sun, even though it is clear it casts almost no shadow on the face at all.

On the left we have a person who we affectionately named “the cowboy” for the first couple of days of the conference. We later found out that this is none other than Rob Savoye, reknowned GCC hacker, award-winning NASA contractor amongst his many other conquests. Rob has got the fashion thing all figured out.

The entire outfit just screams “I’m in comfort city”. The leather hat and waistcoat (and arguably beard) keep the weather at bay. Rob has confessed to only needing to buy a new pair of jeans every decade or so, so we know he is playing it smart in this tough economic environment. Good on ya Rob!

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule such as this young man in the photo to the right. He has decided the presentation he is giving needs to commands attention from even the lowliest of geeks. The Star Trek uniform and communicator emblem state unequivocally that he means business!

Sadly, that just about wraps up this edition of Geek Fashion Review. Perhaps it was the Hobart weather, perhaps we geeks are not as adventurous and willing to push the fashion envelope anymore, but the vast majority of the offerings this year were a combination of t-shirts or polo shirts with jeans or cargo shorts. Running shoes or skate shoes are definitely in.

I look forward to LCA2010 in Wellington, and the fashion offerings it will present.