Patch Tuesday again

December 15, 2008 Technical, General

If you’re one of our dedicated server customers, you’ve got the option of a paid support package, the choices being Anchor Secure and Anchor Complete. Whatever you choose (or if you decide you don’t need one), we just hope it’s the right one for you.

One of the services we provide with a support package is keeping your system up to date. For Linux machines this means installing updated packages as they’re released, and for Windows this means staying on top of Windows Update. We can do a lot of this without you ever noticing, but Windows Updates almost always require a reboot of the machine, which we schedule with our customers by email.

This brings us to an amusing little snippet from one of our customers.

Anchor: We’re going to reboot your server next Wednesday at about 11pm, please tell us if that’ll cause any problems.

Customer: Ah, I was not aware of Microsoft’s update schedule.

Great Lord almighty, there are undiscovered tribes in the Amazon that know that Microsoft releases patches on the second Tuesday of the month!