Anchor Agile Cloud Engineering (ACE) Product Terms

In addition to all other terms and conditions of the Customer’s Agreement with Anchor, the following terms shall apply to the Agile Cloud Engineering (“ACE”) product.

1. Agile Cloud Engineering

Agile Cloud Engineering is a cloud support service provided by Anchor, in Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum plans. The plan must be specified in a Work Order and may be amended, subject to these terms, upon agreement between the parties in writing from time to time. The services provided by Anchor under an ACE agreement are provided in the following methods:

1.1 Included Services & Incident Response: ‘Always On’ support services that are in the category of monitoring, patch management and support.

1.2 Outcomes: Scheduled engagements that have clearly defined scope, outcomes, or artefacts.

1.3 Consulting & Change Management: Consulting work that does not fit into the scope of Included Services or Outcomes. Primarily utilised for Change Management but may also be used to complete consultancy & advisory requirements as scheduled and agreed between the Parties.

2. Engineering Credits

2.1 Engineering Credits (“ECs”) allow Customers to transact with Anchor to access technical expertise in the methods outlined in clause 1.

2.2 ECs are allocated monthly based on the ACE plan the Customer will be on in that month and are a form of ‘capability currency’, which a customer can spend in return for change management, outcome-based services or to put towards pre-planned project work.

2.3 All Change Management requests from the Customer incur usage of ECs, the number of ECs to be consumed for Change Management shall be communicated and accepted by the Customer in writing prior to completion of the change.

2.4 Fractional usage is calculated at the minimum base rate of 0.5 ECs.

2.5 Unused ECs expire at the end of each calendar month unless an agreement for exception has been agreed between the Parties in writing.

2.6 ECs usage is tracked by the SDM and reported to the Customer upon request.   

2.7 The Customer understands and agrees that Anchor will require a 14 days lead-in period prior to commencing work on any project or providing any Service.

3. Additional EC Packs

3.1 Additional ECs may be purchased by the Customer as required for the performance of additional Consulting and Change Management (clause 1.3) services.

3.2 Additional ECs may be requested and purchased by the Customer as a 5, 10, or 15 EC pack. This request for Additional ECs must be made in writing by the Customer to Anchor.

3.3 Following a request for Additional ECs Pack, the appropriate ECs will be credited to the Customer account and confirmed by Anchor in writing.

3.4 The cost of such Additional EC Packs will be provided at the time of request. All Credit packs have a 3-month expiry period from the date of purchase.

3.5 The Customer acknowledges and agrees that any delays to the provision of Services or completion of Projects caused or contributed to by the Customer may incur additional charges at the sole discretion of Anchor.

4. AWS Support

4.1 All plans provided by Anchor are backed up by business support from AWS as per arrangement between Anchor and AWS, or as defined in the Anchor Master Services Agreement.     

4.2 Requests for AWS Support must be made by the Customer through the Anchor request system, or via email.

5. Moving Between ACE Plans

5.1 Customers may request to move between ACE plans as many times as required throughout the Agreement Term, however, a move between ACE plans is limited to once per 6-month period unless an exception is agreed by Anchor in writing..

5.2 A request to move plans must be made with at least 30-days’ notice. Customers will be moved, subject to clause 7.1 on the next 1st day of the month following the full 30-day notice period.

5.3 Requests to move plans must come in the form of a written request that is raised by the appropriate Customer representative.

6. ACE Plan Pricing

This table details the ACE Plan pricing, included ECs, and the current price for purchasing additional EC packs at each plan level. 

For clarity, the total monthly service fee payable by the Customer is calculated as the sum of both the ACE Service Fee and the Infrastructure Service Fee from the table below.

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
ACE Service Fee
AUD (ex GST) 
$0 $2,650 $5,500 $11,000
Infrastructure Service Fee ** 15% * 10% 10% 9%
Included ECs 0 5 12 25
Additional EC Packs pricing 5 ECs: $3,900
10 ECs: $7,800
20 ECs: $15,600
5 ECs: $2,700
10 ECs: $5,400
20 ECs: $10,800
5 ECs: $2,600
10 ECs: $5,200
20 ECs: $10,400
5 ECs: $2,400
10 ECs: $4,900
20 ECs: $9,600

Table notes:
* Minimum Monthly Fee on the Bronze plan is $500 AUD (ex GST)
** Infrastructure Service Fee is a variable fee and is calculated monthly as a percentage based on the invoice provided by AWS to Anchor. Any currency conversions are performed at the time that Anchor receives the AWS invoice.

7. EC Day Rates

Performance of the Consulting and Change Management services (clause 1.3) is performed at the day rates detailed in the below table and in accordance with clause 2 (Engineering Credits).

Resource Name Engineering Credits per day
Cloud Engineer 3.0 EC
DevOps Engineer 3.0 EC
Delivery Manager 3.5 EC
Lead Engineer 4.0 EC
AWS Architect 4.0 EC
Principle AWS Architect 5.0 EC

8. Support Response

In order to prioritise issues and define standard response types and windows, Hostopia works on an incident priority system. Following is a table of priorities/response times that Hostopia will endeavour to meet:

Priority 1

Service is not available. The AWS Hosted Environment is completely unavailable. 
Acknowledge 15 mins
Respond 1 hr

Priority 2

Major impact on service delivery. High visibility incident impacting the majority of users or severely degraded performance. Failure of redundant infrastructure is considered a Priority 2 incident. 
Acknowledge 30 mins
Respond 2 hrs

Priority 3

Minor impact on service delivery. No significant impact on the AWS Hosted Environment or business operations. Typically impacting only a few users.
Acknowledge 4 business hrs
Respond 8 business hrs

General Question

A usage question or information request. No impact on the AWS Hosted Environment. 
Acknowledge 8 business hrs
Respond 2 business days

Urgent Change Request

Any change required to the configuration of the AWS Hosted Environment that will significantly impact function or business operations.
Acknowledge 2 business hrs
Respond 4 business hrs

Change Request

Any non-urgent change required to the configuration of the AWS Hosted Environment.
Acknowledge 4 business days
Respond 8 business hrs

Critical Security Updates

Critical updates to address remotely exploitable vulnerabilities.
Acknowledge 4 business hrs
Respond 8 business hrs

Security Updates

Non-critical updates.
Acknowledge 12 business hrs

Hours of Coverage: Mon – Fri 08:00 – 18:00 AEST | 24×7 for Priority 1 & 2
Phone: 1300 883 979
Email: [email protected] 

The Customer acknowledges that faults, configuration changes and service requests of varying complexity will be accompanied by varying resolution times. Complex requests will receive a response that outlines expected resolution times on submission to Hostopia.

9. Start Date

9.1 Contracted service term will commence on the first service/infrastructure activation, or 90 days from contract signature, whichever precedes first

Last updated 01 March 2022