Common Xen commands

The commands below can be used to create VM guests, check status of guests, shutdown guests, etc. These are considered some of the commonly used Xen commands.

xm create

  • xm create [-c] configfile [name=value]

The create sub command requires a configfile and can optionally take a series of name value pairs that add to or override variables defined in the config file. See xmdomain.cfg for full details of that file format, and possible options used in either the configfile or Name=Value combinations.

xm info

  • xm info

Print information about the Xen host in name: value format.

xm list

  • xm list [vmname]

Prints information about one or more VMs. If no VMs are specified it prints out information about all domains.

xm shutdown

  • xm shutdown [options] vmname

Gracefully shuts down a VM. This coordinates with the VM OS to perform graceful shutdown, so there is no guarantee that it will succeed, and may take a variable length of time depending on what services must be shutdown in the domain. The command returns immediately after signalling the VM unless that -w flag is used.

xm uptime

  • xm uptime [vmname]

Displays uptime for the VM specified

xm reboot

  • xm reboot [vmname]

Performs a reboot of the VM specified