Web based shared calendar options

Web based

  • WebCalendar

    • PHP
    • Works pretty well.
    • Able to view events via ics with Evolution.
    • Chosen project to use.
    • Had to slightly hack the development for it to work:
      • includes/translate.php in function translate added the lines:

          global $lang_file;
          $lang_file = 'translations/English-US.txt';
      • A database password needs to be set
  • Plans

    • Perl
    • Works well. Has a nice event view.
    • Calendar view interface not quite as good as WebCalendar

  • Kronolith

    • Supports using desktop clients..
    • Looks ok. Interface not as pretty as the above two.


CalDAV clients and servers

Worth getting something that supports the [wiki:CalDAV CalDAV] standard. Ideally we would just install the server and use native desktop clients rather than a sucky web interface.