USB to Serial Adaptors

  • Used for connecting new computers to console devices, e.g. switches, routers etc

Minicom Settings

  • Once plugged in and detected, the adaptor will show up as /dev/ttyUSBX where X is the first available number starting from 0.
  • Run minicom and set the serial port settings thusly:
    • Port: /dev/ttyUSBX as above
    • Speed: 9600
    • Data bits/parity/stop bits: 8N1
    • Hardware flow control: off
    • Software flow control: off
  • Save the config as something useful, e.g. ttyUSBX
  • Exit minicom then start it again with the saved config with:
    minicom ttyUSBX

Minicom seems to not change certain comms parameters live such as flow control, which can lead to confusion when trying to get some settings to work, hence the need to save a config, exit and start again with that config.