PHP is run as a cgi on Anchor shared web hosting not as a web server module to protect the security of your site.

All PHP files must be located in the public_html directory of your web hosting account.

By default a global php.ini file is used. If you require changes to php.ini (eg turning on register_globals) this can be done by setting up a private php.ini file.

In the home directory of your hosting account create a .etc directory. Now copy the file /etc/php.ini from the server on which your hosting account resides into this directory. From here you are free to customise the php.ini file to suit your requirements.

The following commands can be used to complete this (using shell access):

  1. Make the directory:
     mkdir ~/.etc
  2. Copy in the system-wide php file
     cp /etc/php.ini ~/.etc/php.ini

From here you can can either:

  1. Download the file via FTP/SFTP and make your changes and then re-upload the file or;
  2. Edit the file using your favorite editor using shell access. Eg:
     nano ~/.etc/php.ini
     vim ~/.etc/php.ini

Please contact Anchor support if require assistance in this process.