Setting up email in Windows Mail

This is a guide which can be used to set up your Anchor supplied email hosting account

Windows Mail

  1. Open Windows Mail, Click on Tools, and then Accounts.
    • wmail1.png

  2. Click the "Add..." button
    • wmail2.png

  3. Select "E-mail Account" and then click "Next"
    • wmail3.png

  4. Enter your name as you'd like them to appear on emails you send, then click "Next"
    • wmail4.png

  5. Enter your email address for your account, and click "Next"
    • wmail5.png

  6. Select "POP3" for your incoming server type, and enter for the server name: mail.yourdomain. Since our domain this example is, we'll use For your outgoing server you should enter your ISP's SMTP server. Then click Next.

    • wmail6.png

  7. Enter your email address as the mailbox username, and password, similar to below, and click "Next"
    • wmail7.png

  8. Your email should now be configured and working. Click "Finish" and close the Accounts list window.
    • wmail8.png

If you have any issues, don't hesitate in giving us a call.