Sending Email via Anchor - Windows Mail

This guide assumes your email is already setup within Windows Mail, and you are simply needing to change the outgoing mail server to Anchor from your ISP.

  1. From the main Windows Mail window, access the "Tools" menu and select "Account Settings"


  1. From the list shown, click to highlight your Anchor email account, then click the "Properties" button located to the right of the list.


  1. Select the "Servers" tab, then highlight and remove the text in the "Outgoing mail server (SMTP)" box, and change it to Then tick the check box at the bottom of the window labelled "My server requires authentication".


  1. Now select the "Advanced" tab, in here you should tick the checkbox for "This server requires a secure connection (SSL) on the Outgoing server ONLY. Then change the outgoing server port to 465.


  1. Now click "OK" and then "Close".
  2. That's it! You should now be sending your outbound email via Anchor.

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