Sending email via Anchor's mail server

In general we recommend using the outgoing mail server provided by your ISP, since it generally requires less configuration and works without issue. There are some cases however where this doesn't work out so well, these usually are because:

  • Some ISPs don't offer an outgoing mail server.
  • The ISPs outgoing mail server is sub-standard.
  • The device used for mail frequently moves between networks.

For these cases you can, with a little extra configuration, use Anchor as your outgoing mail server.

General Settings

Server Hostname

Server Port





Same as your incoming username (ie, your email address)/password.

*587 is the suggested port to use as it will will generally work from networks where outbound connections on port 25 may be blocked. The following alternatives are also available:

  • Port 25 (with TLS)
  • Port 465 (with SSL encryption)

Client-Specific Guides

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