Setting up email in Outlook 2010

This is a guide which can be used to set up your Anchor supplied email hosting account

If you do not get prompted to setup a new account via the startup wizard, start here:

  1. Open Outlook 2010 and click the File menu item, then Add Account....


  2. Do not start filling out any details at this stage, but check the Manually configure server settings... box at the bottom left of the window then click next.


  3. Select Internet E-mail, then click the next button.


  4. Now you can start filling out the required information,

Your Name is the name that will be displayed on sent email, your real name is generally entered.

  • E-mail address enter your email address.

    Account Type this should be set to POP3.

    Incoming mail server this should be set to mail.yourdomain, i.e.

    Outgoing mail server this should be set to your ISP's SMTP server, see the following URL for details:

    Username your email address.

    Password your email account password.

    Leave the Remember password box checked unless you want to enter your account password every time Outlook 2007 loggings to the server.

    Click the Test Account Settings, a new window should appear with green ticks if you have successfully set up the account. Close that new window, then click the next button.


  • Click the finish button, Congratulations you should now be able to send and receive email using Outlook 2010.