Setting up Mozilla Thunderbird

Steps on how to configure Thunderbird are listed in line below:

  1. Download and install Thunderbird from the link above
  2. When you open Thunderbird for the first time it will ask you if you would like to import your old email. If you have old email messages in Outlook or outlook express then this is recommended.
  3. Once Thunderbird has been opened you will need to click on "Tools" from the drop down menu at the top and then click once on "Accounts"
    • thunderbird1.JPG

  4. This will bring up the following screen where you will need to click on "Add Account" which is listed down the bottom right hand corner.
    • thunderbird2.JPG

  5. This should bring up the New Account wizard which will take you through the process as listed below. Make sure "email account" is selected and press next.
    • thunderbird3.JPG

  6. Enter your name (this will appear on ALL outgoing email's) and your Anchor email address:
    • thunderbird4.JPG

  7. One the next screen make sure that "POP" is selected and type in your incoming mail server. This should be based on your domain name with the prefix of "mail.". For example, if you have registered the domain name "" then the incoming mail server you should use is ""

  • Alternatively, you can also use as the incoming mail server.

  • The next section you will need to type in your outgoing (SMTP) server. This will be your ISPs outgoing SMTP server, so it would be best to check with your internet provider to find out what this value should be.

  • thunderbird5.JPG

  1. Once this has been done, you will need to check that you have the correct username listed for incoming email. This will be your email address.

    The second username that you will need to provide is the one for your outgoing mail server (your Internet providers username). If you are unsure what this value should be you will need to check with your ISP. Once this has been done, you can press next.

    • thunderbird6.JPG

  2. The final screen askes for a unique name to identify this account. The easiest value (which should already be there) is the email address that this account corresponds to.
    • thunderbird7.JPG

  3. Once this has been done you can press next and then finish to save the configuration. If you have any questions or problems, then you can contact support on 1300 883 979.