is the standard mail client in OS X.

  1. From the Mail menu, select Preferences, then (if necessary) click the Accounts item to bring up the accounts preferences panel, pictured below.
    • mailapp1.png

  2. Click the "Plus" (lower/left) to add an account.
    • mailapp2.png

  3. Use the pop-up list next to Account Type: to select "POP".
  4. For Email Address, enter your email address.
  5. For Full Name, enter your full name.
  6. For Incoming Mail Server, enter ''
  7. For User name, enter your email address.
  8. Optionally, for Password, enter your password. If you do not enter it here you will simply be prompted for it when needed.
  9. For Outgoing Mail Server, click the double-headed arrow (at the right of the SMTP server name) and select "Add Server" to get a dialog box similar to the one pictured below.
    • mailapp3.png

  10. For Outgoing Server enter your ISPs mail server.
  11. Ensure Use Secure Socket Layer is unticked.
  12. Authentication is none.
  13. Click OK, and then click on Advanced at the top right.
    • mailapp4.png

  14. Be sure the checkbox next to "Enable this account" is checked.
  15. Be sure the checkbox next to "Include this account when checking for new mail" is checked.
  16. Congratulations, you should now be able to send and receive email. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to call Anchor on 1300 883 979.