Setting up email in Entourage 2008

This is a guide which can be used to set up your Anchor supplied email hosting account

  1. Open Entourage, go to the "Tools" menu and select "Accounts".
    • entourage1.png

  2. Click the "New" button
    • entourage2.png

  3. Click "Configure Account Manually"
    • entourage3.png

  4. Select POP3 and click "OK"
    • entourage4.png

  5. Enter your account details
    • "Account name" is a free-form field for giving the account in entourage a meaningful name to yourself, i.e. "Home" or "Work" email.
    • The Name/E-mail address should be indicative of how you wish emails sent to appear to the receiver.
    • The Account ID will be your email address.
    • POP server should take the form of mail.your domain - i.e. in this example our domain is, so the mail server is

    • Saving the password in the MacOS keychain will prevent you from being prompted for your password every time you access your mail.
    • SMTP server should be set to your ISP's outgoing mail server.
    • entourage5.png

  6. Click "OK", you can then close the subsequent accounts list window.

If you have any issues, don't hesitate in giving us a call.