Email Handling Options

There are three different methods of handling email on your domain with Anchor's email and web hosting services:

  1. Redirect/Forward to another mail server
  2. Store mail on Anchor's mail server and retrieve with a mail client
  3. Operate an internal mail server

Control over the way email is handled for your domain can be changed at any time. The control panel allows you to update email settings for your web hosting account quickly and easily.

Redirect/Forward mail

If you already have an email account, we can simply forward mail on your domain to an existing email address.

For example, if you already use then your new address, could be setup to forward to this address.

The advantage of having your email forwarded to an existing email address is that you can receive email from both addresses and you do not have to reconfigure your email client.

Mail is generally forwarded to an ISP provided email account or existing corporate email account.

Store Mail on Anchor's mail server

If email is stored on Anchor's mail server you have two options for retrieving your email, all options can be used concurrently if required.

Mail is stored on mailboxes on our server. As a general rule you should setup one mailbox per person. All web hosting accounts allow for multiple mailboxes. By using mail aliases you can direct multiple email addresses to a single mailbox.

There is a maximum message size of 10MB for this option.


Supported by all popular mail clients, POP3 allows you to download mail from our mail server to your local machine. Illustrated guides for configuring popular email clients are provided here.


A webmail client is available requiring only a web browser to collect your email. Webmail is useful if you are travelling/roaming or just out of your office, but is generally not suitable as long term option for handling email.

Operate an internal mail server

An internal mail server can be operated to handle all mail on your domain. This removes the reliance on our mail servers and provides a number of advantages in office environments.

Advantages of an internal mail server include: Internal mail is delivered quicker and does not need to go through your Internet connection. Lower data usage costs on your hosting account as mail data does not go via Anchor's servers. Increased flexibility in control over mail accounts.

In order to operate an internal mail server you must have a fixed IP address for the machine which runs the mail server. Note many ADSL services do not provide a fixed IP address.

Internal mail servers can be operated using software such as: Sendmail, Postfix, Qmail, Microsoft Exchange Server, or a variety of windows based mail servers.

Outbound Mail

Mail sent from your machine must always be sent via a mail server which is connected directly to the network to which you use for Internet access. This means you need to use the mail server provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). These measures are required to prevent abuse of the service by spammers. If your ISP doesn't provide access to a mail server AND you are connected with a fixed IP address you will be able to use our mail server on request.

Did you know that Anchor can also provide you with spam and virus protection on all email hosting plans.