Secure SHell (SSH) enables you to bring up a command prompt on the server on which your website is hosted. It is often used by advanced users as a more efficient tool for making changes to a website. SSH is provided as a secure alternative to Telnet.

SSH for Windows users - Putty

Putty is available for download from:

To configure Putty

  1. Host Name:

  2. Protocol: set to SSH.
  3. Port: set to 22. You can save these settings so that don't need to be entered in future. Enter a descriptive name for the connection in the Saved Sessions field and click on save.
  4. Now click open.
  5. You should get a warning message about the host key, press Y to save the key in your cache, this error will not return.
  6. You should now be prompted for you login name. Enter you username, and then press enter, now enter your password.


Congratulations, you should now be logged into our servers.

SSH Clients for Apple

MacOS X comes with OpenSSH installed by default, however, users of OS 9 and lower should download MacSSH.

MacSSH is available for download from:

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