Exporting/dumping your database

To export your database you need to perform a database dump. This can be done via the command line using SSH or alternately via a web based interface from the control panel.

Exporting from the control panel

PhpMyAdmin is installed and configured within the control panel for your webhosting account and provides a graphical interface which allows you to export your database.

To export your database, from the control panel:

  1. Click the "MySQL web interface" link
  2. Enter the MySQL username and password

  3. Choose the database from the left hand navigation menu
  4. Under "View dump..." choose "Structure and data" and "Send" options, then select the "Go" link to the right.
  5. The contents of your database will be downloaded in your browser.

A MySQL database export (or dump) is a plain text file that contains all of the commands required to rebuild your database. It can be viewed and modified in a text editor.

Exporting from the command line

The mysqldump command allows you to dump data from the MySQL database.

To dump an entire database with schema, run:

mysqldump database_name > dump_file.txt

Type your username then hit Enter, then type your password and hit Enter.


  1. database_name should be replaced with your username

  2. dump_file.txt is the filename to write the contents of the dump to.

For more detailed information type mysqldump --help at the shell, or read the mysqldump documentation.