FTP Clients

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is an Internet protocol for transferring files between computers. There are a number of freely available FTP clients. Most popular web page design applications (such as Frontpage and Dreamweaver) have inbuilt FTP clients.

FTP for Windows and Mac users - FileZilla

FileZilla is available for download from:


  1. Install FileZilla by running the file you downloaded and following the instructions.

  2. Open FileZilla using either the desktop shortcut or through the Start menu. A screen will appear as pictured below.


  3. Open the site manager by clicking the icon in the top left.
  4. Click the New Site button.
  5. Enter your domain name in the highlighted box.


  6. Host should be set to: ftp.yourdomain.com
  7. Port can be left empty.
  8. Leave Servertype set to FTP - File Transfer Protocol.
  9. Set Logontype to Normal.
  10. User should be set to your username as provided when first setting up the account.
  11. Password is the primary account password.


  12. Connect to the FTP service by clicking the Connect button.


Once FileZilla has connected, a screen will be shown as displayed above. The file listing on the left is your local computer, the listing on the right is of the files in your hosting account. All your website files must be placed in the public_html directory. It is important that you do not remove any of the files or directories which are initially setup in your hosting account.