Get your site listed! (in search engines)

How to get your site listed in Search Engines.

There are a multitude of advertising opportunities on the Internet. Getting your website listed in search engines (both via free and paid services) will make a substantial difference to the volume of traffic your website receives.

Site preparation

Before you submit your website to search engines you should make sure your site is prepared, Meta tags, title and site content need to be looked at.

Meta Tags

Meta tags help search engines identify what your site is about, they are not seen by visitors to your website.


The title on each page of your website should describe the purpose of the page and ideally should contain keywords the would be used by someone searching in a search engine. The title is tags appear between the <head> tags in your html and should look like: <title>Your page title goes here</title>


Make sure your have content in html text on the first page of your site that contains keywords which would be used by someone searching for the product or service you are offering. Avoid using frames, flash and javascript redirects on the first page of your site as these may render your site invisible to search engines.


Google in will rank your site more favourably depending on the number of other websites that link to yours.

You can find out which sites Google knows about that link to your site by searching for:g in Google.

Free listings

Google is rapidly becomming the most important free search engine to be listed in. Google provides excellent resources on getting your site listed at

Paid Listings


Yahoo is a hand created directory, all listings are reviewed by editors. To add your site, browse the Yahoo directory to find the appropriate section to add your site, on the bottom of the page choose the 'Suggest a Site' link.

Paid Advertising


Google offers 'pay per click' text advertising that is targetted to the keywords used in a visitors search. You specify keywords that relate to your website and you advert will be displayed along side the results.g

Link: Adwords - Pay per click

Cost: Variable, budget $AU20/month upwards

What about all the other search engines?

Whilst there are many other search engines, those mentioned above represent more than 90% of the market.