Improve your Google Rank

Discover the various techniques used to boost your Google rank

The order in which results appear in Google is calculated in a very mathematical way, knowing what Google is looking for on your website and making the required changes will enable you to improve your ranking.

If you use Internet Explorer, you can get an idea of what Google thinks of how important your site is in general, by downloading the Google Toolbar. The latter is an ActiveX control that installs into IE, and shows the Page Rank of any page that you visit. The toolbar can be obtained from

How to analyse your Google position

When someone uses Google to find a product or service that you offer on your website they wont immediately search for your business name (if they new this they wouldn't be searching), they will be searching for a category of the product or service that you provide.

If you sell shoes on your website, then the some of the search terms people will search for may be:

  • Mens Shoes
  • Ladies Shoes
  • Sports Shoes
  • Childrens Shoes
  • Running Shoes
  • The list goes on...

If your website that sold shoes turned up as the number one result for one of the above searches you would expect to have lots of people comming to your site looking to buy shoes.

So the first step is to come up with a list of all the possible words you think someone might search for where you would like your website to show up in the results.

Once you have the list, try searching Google for these terms to see if your website shows up.

Which words should I try and optimise my site for?

You can't optimise your site for every search term, but you will find that a relatively small number of terms in your list will represent a very large proportion of the searches which are carried out (most people think alike).

Opening a Google Adwords account will help you to quickly identify which words are most commonly searched for.

Put your entire list of search terms that you've identified into the Adwords campaign. Within a week you will have statistics on the number of times each search term resulted in an add being displayed, allowing you to rapidly asses the relative importance of your search terms.

Adwords also provides a very quick means of getting your site in the Google search results.

How long will it take to improve my Google rank?

  • Google only collects information (crawls) from websites
  • once per month.
    • Having collected the information Google spends another
    month processing it.
    • Seeing the results of changes made to your website will
    take up to two months

How does Google choose the rank for search results?

  • The number of other websites that link to your website
  • The presence of your 'keywords' in the title tages of your
  • pages and the body content.
    • The presence of your 'keywords' in text links which are directed
    to your website. A number of search engine professionals claim that if the links pointing to your page has the relevant keyword text in them, it will cause your page to be ranked higher in search engine results. If this is true, a link with the text "Cheap Shoe Store" pointing at your site will cause your site to be listed earlier if a visitor searches for "cheap shoe store" than if the link simply said "click here".
    • The general frequency of the use of the 'keywords' in the content
    on your website.

What changes should I make to my website?

  • Ensure that your 'keywords' are used in the title tags of your website
  • Add content to your site, the more content the better, make sure it
  • includes your keywords.
    • Use your 'keywords' in html headings (in preference to images, or plain text).
    • Contact people in your industry, your suppliers, your clients and get them
    to place links to your website.
    • Look at your competitors websites:
      • Get the Google toolbar and compare your page rank

      • Use the 'link:' search to find who links to your competitors websites.
    • Make sure the images on your website use ALT tags which contain 'keywords'
    where applicable.

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