Co-location Preparation Guide

This is a preparation guide for anyone that is preparing a server to be installed in Anchor's co-location facility.

Bring with you:

  • Power cord
  • Keyboard and mouse if required to boot.
  • Any necessary operating system or application media that may be required. (Note: these cannot be supplied by Anchor).

Check that:

  • Machine boots without keyboard monitor plugged in.
  • Machine BIOS set to same power state in case of loss of power
  • Verify network settings (provided by Anchor):
    • IP address:
    • Netmask:
    • Gateway:
    • DNS 1:
    • DNS 2:
    (Note: You must not at any time use network settings other than those explicitly advised to you by Anchor).
  • Screen resolution set no higher than 1024x768.
  • Firewall changes have been made to work with new IP address provided by Anchor
  • Ensure remote administration enabled
    • Unix: SSH
    • Windows: Terminal Services, VNC, PC Anywhere
  • Show evidence of a firewall.
  • All Operating system and application updates/patches have been applied. A program should be in place to ensure updates are applied on a regular basis.
  • Check that networking is correctly configured by:
    • Browsing remote websites
    • Querying DNS records of remote services
    • Connecting to services on the server from a remote site.
  • Before leaving the final task is to reboot the server without a keyboard or mouse attached and ensure the machine boots correctly and that all applications and/or services start correctly.