5 Features in Dreamweaver You Did Not Think Existed

You have heard the hype about using Dreamweaver. It is an amazing program to use in order to develop websites for today's crazy web-world. Now let us take a glimpse at 5 amazing features inside the program.


What is it? The 'Site Map' allows you see where pages in your website are located. This handy feature is ideal for medium to large sized websites which contain alot of pages.

When using in a conversation? "Hey Bain, look how big the Site Map looks for the new website i am working on."

How do I use it?

In order to use the Site Map, you need to make sure first that you define a Site in Dreamweaver. Goto Site > New Site. Give your site a name, point it to a folder then press the ok button. Press F8 to pull up your site window. Before we can view the site map, we need to at least create a home page file. Create a new blank html file and save it as index.html. Go back to your site window and on the right-hand side you should see your index.html file. Right click on the file and set as homepage.

Now press Alt+F8 to pull up your site map. You should now see a small page icon with index.html written underneath it. If you create more empty html webpages you should also see it under your site map window.

Once you have linked your pages in the site map window you can export the site map as a graphic image. File > Save Site Map.

When to use it?

Apart from using this tool when we start developing a website, we use it to submit proposals to prospective clients. What we do is build the site map using empty html files, then point all the files to where they will be located and insert the site map as a graphic into our proposals. This can look very professional as it demonstrates that you understand what the Client is after. Also it saves you alot of time if you're not a speed freak using Photoshop.


What is it?

FTP is a File Transfer Protocol for transferring files between your computer and an FTP site. This basically allows you to make any work you have done, live on the internet. Dreamweaver has an in-built FTP feature. This saves you time and money by not using a separate FTP program.

When using in a conversation? "Hurry up and transfer those files onto the FTP site. The client is getting impatient."

How do I use it?

To use the FTP feature inside Dreamweaver, make sure you have the following:

FTP Checklist:

  • FTP Host?
  • Login?
  • Password?

Once you have this information ready you are nearly ready to start uploading!

Press F8 to get your Site Files. Now goto Site > Edit Sites. Select your site then press Edit. Under the Advanced Tab, select the Remote Info category. Select the FTP Access option. Put in your FTP Host, Login and Password values. The Host Directory is where your files are located inside the FTP account. Usually the default directory is 'httpdocs'.

At the bottom you will notice two more options. The first one allows you to automatically upload your files when you press the save button. This option can be useful to see live results on a website instanesouly. However it can get annoying as each time you press Save you have to wait until the file has been uploaded.

The second option allows your files to be checked. This option is useful to alert other people accessing the file that you may have a more recent version, when you are working in a team environment or alone using several computers.

After pressing okay to save the information, Simply use the 'Put' command to upload your files. Site > Put or press Ctrl+Shift+U. Now your files are on the internet!

When to use it?

Using it seems fairly obvious in this feature - Whenever you want your work to be live on the Internet!


What is it?

The Preview feature allows you to see how your webpage is looking inside a web browser of your choice, without having to save your work. By using the Preview button, you can see how your work is progressing along.

When using in a conversation? "Why don't you Preview the webpage so we can see how it is looking so far?"

How do I use it?

This feature is very simple to use. First maske sure you have a web browser defined to preview it in.

File > Preview in Browser > Edit Browser List.

Inside here you can define up to 20 different web browsers. You should have Internet Explorer as your default web browser. If you feel the need to add more browsers, go ahead. You can also assign different hotkeys to different browsers. The default shortcut is F12.

To preview your webpage simply press F12.

When to use it?

Great tool for seeing how your webpage is looking so far, especially if you're just working in the code layout.


What is it?

Okay seems like everyone should know this one. In fact, what program does not have keyboard shortcuts? For those who do not know what it is, keyboard shortcuts are keys you use on your keyboard to perform a function. This saves you the time of using your mouse to search for it in the menus.

When using in a conversation? "Does anyone know what the Shortcut Key is to insert an image?"

How do I use it?

All the common shortcut keys exist inside Dreamweaver. However, Dreamweaver extend this common feature further by allowing you to customise your own personalised shortcuts.

To edit the shortcut list: Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts

Then within the dialog box you have full control to edit the existing shortcut keys.

There are quite alot of Keyboard Shortcuts within Dreamweaver. To view a full list of Keyboard Shortcuts inisde Dreamweaver, goto: http://www.macromedia.com/go/dreamweaver_mx_shortcuts

When to use it?

Try and learn most of the Shortcut Keys available. It makes you work faster and it looks very professional when you have a Client watching you work.


What is it? The Code View is by far one of the most important tools inside Dreamweaver. The Code View is a window inside Dreamweaver that allows you see your website code. E.g.

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"><br>
<title>Untitled Document</title><br>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"><br>

When using in a conversation? "Show me the Code View!"

How do I use it?

Dreamweaver has two main workspaces in which to work in. One of the best ways to work is using the Code and Design view.

Goto View > Code and Design

On the top window you should be able to see the website code. You should be aware that this is what makes websites function.

When to use it?

Dreamweaver is a great for doing all the coding for you. To be a great web designer there may come a time (and believe me it has happened to me before) where something may not work properly. When this occurs it is useful to be able to sift through the code and work out where the problem may lie.

You have heard the hype about using Dreamweaver. It is an amazing program to use in order to develop websites for today's crazy web-world. Now let us take a glimpse at 5 amazing features inside the program.

Keywords : dreamweaver, ftp, site map, keyboard shortcuts, code view Author : Josh Singer Written by Josh Singer of www.singerdesign.com.

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