Why use Linux Web hosting

A guide to Linux web hosting.

A brief history of Linux and web hosting

Linux is a free software operating system which was created in 1991 and has been widely accepted as a powerful operating system for business applications since the late 90's.

Open source applications such as the Apache web server and sendmail are the most widely adopted web and mail servers respectively, which have evolved over many years.

Why use a Linux web host?

Linux-based hosting provides the level of reliability and performance that you need.


You would reasonably expect to always have access to your website. If your website or those of your clients are used primarily for marketing purposes it is important that the information is always available. If, for example, a visitor or potential client is trying to get to your website and cannot then you will miss the opportunity. If a visitor is mid-way through viewing your website and it becomes unavailable due to a server problem, again, the impression is not good. In many cases your website will be the first impression or first point of contact your business has with a new client.

Applications and Price

Linux and all applications used to provide the hosting service are free software, so there are no licensing costs for the hosting company. For you, the end user, this means access to a larger array of powerful applications at a lower cost. For example, SQL databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, and application servers such as Tomcat.

The ease with which Linux based services and applications can be customised enables the provision of a more tailored and flexible hosting service.

Why is Linux a good platform for web developers?

Powerful development tools

PHP, JSP/Java Servlets, PostgreSQL and MySQL allow for rapid cost-effective development of web based services.

Linux-based development tools are available free of charge as part of free software initiatives and widely supported online through an ever-growing developer community.

For example:

Pre-built professional applications

Literally any application you could possibly need is available online and supported by a large and active international developer community. and provide lists of thousands of such applications ranging from e-commerce applications, content management systems and intranet/extranet applications.

Some popular applications include:

Do I need to have Linux on my PC to use a Linux web host?

No. You can develop your sites online using our web hosting service as you build websites and applications.

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