Wiping deleting shredding customer data before returning failed dedicated server hardware to suppliers

Customer data should never leave our control. In very rare cases, we may need to release a dedicated server with data on it to demonstrate hardware failure.

Get approval from your manager before doing such a thing, as it is highly preferred to find a way to ship a clean system instead.

Add to this list if you find more things that should be cleaned. You may not be able to do all of these things depending on the nature of the fault that needs replicating.

The command you will be using is shred and should be installed everywhere. If you're on Windows, you probably have to pay for this kind of basic functionality.

[root@host ~]# shred filename

Unfortunately there is no recursive mode. shred will overwrite the file 25 times by default. On large files, like databases, this may take a while. You could drop the number of iterations a bit, but I recommend taking advantage of the situation, in a similar manner to this. You're a hardworking sysadmin, you deserve a break.

Again, this list is not exhaustive. Add to it when you can.

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