Windows Server 2008 for Web Hosting

Windows Server 2008 is a complete revolution for the Windows Server family of operating system. There are huge changes when comparing it to previous generation versions of Windows such as server 2003 or 2000.

At Anchor we're now deploying all new dedicated servers and Virtual Private Servers with Windows 2008.

In this article we are going to discuss the changes that affect the hosting environment when using this new version of Windows including IIS7 and FTP7 as well as changes to core services like the firewall and DNS server.


IIS7 brings a whole new raft of features to the windows operating system, specifically for web hosting.

Some of these features are useful to the website developer as well as the web host themselves:


FTP7 is a new FTP server that integrates into IIS7 however its a separate download (if you ask me it should have been included) Anyway, the links to download this are x86 x64 Microsoft also has a handy guide on installing and debugging any installation errors: Installing and Troubleshooting FTP7

FTP7 why is it good?


The Windows Server 2008 firewall has been revamped, now called Windows Firewall with Advanced Security (WFAS). It has been given a lot of new features, I'll details some of the significant ones.

There are many hundreds more features within server 2008 that are far beyond the scope of this article, a good place to start looking is the Microsoft site for Windows Server 2008

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