DNS Management on dedicated servers

This document is going to give some more information with respect to managing DNS on your Anchor dedicated server for the purposes of completing the following tasks:

There are a number of Anchor custom scripts which can be installed on the machine to assist with this, the scope of this document assumes this has already been completed.

DNS Management overview

All DNS management is completed via the 'dnsadm' user account using the BIND/named DNS server.

Access to this account can be obtained through using the command:


This is where all the DNS configuration is contained, under normal operating circumstances there should not be any requirement to make changes outside of this account.

You should able to tell relatively easily if you are the DNS admin user as the prompt should look similar to the following:

[dnsadm@XXXXX named]$ 

In this location you will see a number of different files and directories which serve a specific purpose. For the point of this article we are only concerned with the following directories:

Adding a domain to the nameserver

Removing a domain from the nameserver

Making DNS changes

Article creation resources

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