The hosting industry is one which is always changing and evolving as new technologies come along. At Anchor we are all quite passionate about new technologies and make sure we keep abreast of new emerging trends. One of the big challenges we often face is not so much coming up with good new ideas, that's easy. But actually being able to identify the technologies which are here to stay for the long term. Once this has been determined we can spend our energy coming up with a rock solid, scalable platform which we know our clients can rely upon.

One of the more recent promising technologies we've seen come about in the past few years is virtualisation. Over the past couple of months we've started putting together a virtual private server product and the aim of this section is for us to share our experiences. As this is something which we will be continuing to work on for the next number of months and years this document is likely to continue to grow and change over this time.

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