auda_registrar_logo .au domain name registration

Anchor is an accredited Australian domain name registrar. You can both register new .au domains, and renew existing domains that were registered with other providers from as little as $30 per year. Australia has some unique rules around domain registration. If you are:

  • an Australian business you can register a or domain
  • an Australian incorporated non-profit organisation you can register a domain
  • an Australian citizen you can register a domain
  • an association of any form you can register a domain

In most cases your domain name will need to relate to or be derived from your business, organisation or personal name.

Our domain registration form is available here. Alternatively, please contact our friendly sales team, and we’ll help you work through the process. We’ve also published answers to many commonly asked questions about domain names for your reference.

.au pricing

.au Domain names are registered and renewed on a 2 year interval. Transfers are free.

  • $60
  • $60
  • $60
  • $60
  • $50

gTLD registrations

In addition to .au domains, Anchor can also register a range of generic top level domains (gTLD’s). Country specific domain names may have eligibility criteria which needs to be met before domains can be registered. If you are unsure if you meet the requirements, or if you’d like to register a domain that does not appear on this list, contact our friendly sales team, and we’ll check for you.

gTLD pricing

All gTLD domains are for 1 year. gTLD domains can be registered/renewed for up to 10 years at a time (this varies on the type of domain). Transfers require 1 year renewal.


  • .com $30
  • .net $30
  • .org $30
  • .biz $30
  • .info $30
  • .name $30
  • .mobi $60
  • .tv $95
Country specific domains:

  • .at $50
  • .be $30
  • .ca $30
  • .cc $60
  • .ch $145
  • .cn $60
  • .co $60
  • .de $30
  • .fr $60
  • .hk $145
  • .in $50
  • .it $30
  • .nl $30
  • .nz $60
  • .ph $180
  • .sg $180
  • .tw $95
  • .uk $60


  • Prices are exclusive of GST